Annual Report 2020


Allocation of Dues

2020 Allocation of Dues
  $ (In Thousands) Percent
Chemical & Engineering News $6,985  56% 
Member Services 4,258  35% 
Local Section Allotments 1,672  13% 
Division Allotments 1,259  10% 
Support for Society Programs (1,707) (14%)
Total $12,467  100% 
This table includes ACS membership dues. Adding dues from the American Association of Chemistry Teachers and excluding the impact of local section and division allotments brings 2020 net dues revenue to $9,782,000, as reported in the financial statements. Support for Society Programs includes additional one-time funding of $2,942,000 awarded by the Board of Directors to enhance efforts by local sections and divisions to help the Society achieve its mission and vision.